The company MKV, d. o. o., has been founded by Matjaž Majcen and Iris Vidovič in 2008. . The head office is on the Potrčeva cesta 65 in Ptuj. We perform our services in Slovenia, where our manufacturing facility stands, but also abroad. Our primary activities focus on the manufacturing of metal constructions, industrial assembly, welding, maintenance and overhauls.

Welding plays an essential role in our company. Therefore, the company follows the customers’ demands and achieves the utmost production quality by assuring training for our welders. All welders possess a valid welding certification.

The company MKV, d. o. o., carefully follows new trends and demands in the field of health and safety at work. The quality of management has been verified with the acquisition of the SCC*/SCP(VCA) certificate in October 2014.

Customers with whom we have worked before always return with new projects. This confirms the success of our work and gives us great satisfaction.


As of today, the company employs more than 130 highly trained employees. Our business success is supported by enthusiasm and knowledge of our staff. We strive to acquire eager and capable coworkers, motivate them and bind them to our company in order to develop an international business culture. By investing into knowledge and the development of our workers we enable them to become leading specialists in their fields of expertise. We respect legal norms and rules of ethical interpersonal relationships and broader social environments. Equal opportunities are assured irrespective of gender, race, skin color, religious belief or political views and are the basic principles of our work.

We ensure a safe working environment to all employees. We follow risks for the emergence of injuries for all positions and take proper safety measures for their prevention or in order to retain them at an acceptable level. Thus, we assure continuous improvement of working conditions in the long term.