We support suppliers of investment equipment, machines, systems and services in the automobile, paper and metal processing industry through our services. Our primary activities focus on the manufacturing of metal constructions and the performance of various overhauls and the construction of new buildings. Professionalism of our company is reflected through our employees, who have passed several examinations in different areas of specialization.

Welders, pipe layers and fitters are fully trained and possess long-term work experience in different installation and other projects.

Our welders master the following welding processes:

-TIG welding in different positions on different materials
– MIG welding in different positions on different materials
– MAG welding in different positions on different materials
– SMAW welding in different positions on different materials

All welders possess a valid certification for different welding processes.

Our objective is to continually increase the extent of work while ensuring training and rejuvenation of our staff, whereas maintaining strategic connections with key partners.

Yesterday’s quality of service on the market does not assure outstanding performance as of today, whereas changes on the market unfold extremely fast. Adaptability to the market and focus on the customer are the biggest advantages of our company and the main condition for successful business activity.

Special attention has been dedicated to market researches, the acquisition of new customers in the fields of metal construction manufacturing, installations and dismantling. Technological plans and schedules, quality control plans, methods of operation and control procedures for safety measures and other demands by the buyers and business partners throughout the implementation and project management are carried out with due diligence.